Warmtenet / Nijmegen

The municipality of Nijmegen was planning to build a city heating infrastructure where ' pure ' waste heat, which is available at the waste incineration installation in the Nijmegen region (ARN), is used. The city heating infrastructure consists of a primary and secondary infrastructure, with all the necessary heath exchange installations. This infrastructure is a ' hybrid ' and low-temperature heating network which is a combination of two techniques:

1. Use of hot cooling water (45° C) submitted by ARN for space heating;

2. Heat pumps for the production of domestic hot water and the additional space cooling. Eventually it turned out that the market was not ready for a hybrid heating infrastructure and is chosen for a traditional heating infrastructure. Ingenieursbureau XYZ was responsible for the part in Laauwik, Nijmegen.

- Piping design
- Piping calculations
- Technical Studies
- Work preparation
- Contract management
- Project management
- Construction Management
  • Client: Municipality Nijmegen
  • Date: 2010 - 2012

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