Cabinet Design and Specials

A telecom cabinet is intended for placement and independent operation of electrical, telecommunication and any other equipment that needs to be protected from harsh environments.

"high protection level and efficient use of the cabinet space"

The cabinet design makes it possible to flexibly arrange the mounted equipment and gives easy access to it. The mounted equipment can operate at a wide range of environmental temperatures (-50÷+45°С), at low noise level and with high operational reliability. An easy-to-assemble design of the cabinet body enables on-site assembling with a high protection level and efficient use of the cabinet space.

To facilitate installations and guarantee fast and cost-effective roll-out of typical configurations, standardized cabinet designs is essential.

XYZ designs out- and indoor enclosures to be used in unprotected outdoor/street side environments. The outdoor cabinets & enclosure systems are carefully engineered to combat with all climate, having dust, heat or humidity & they are vandal-resistance.

Design Parameters of the Cabinets
- Lower Energy consumption
- Lower power connection
- High reliability due to solid state construction
- Low or no maintenance cost
- No noise, no vibration, compact in size
- Fast installation on site
- Limited to small to medium size cabinet





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