XYZ offers a full range of telecom engineering services. As one of our core capabilities, XYZ’s telecom engineering group will create the right solutions for your existing and future telecom needs. XYZ’s team has industry expertise and are the talented professionals you need to meet your needs at every step of the telecom network development process.

"Our services provide capabilities in all disciplines of a network implementation project"

We understand that time is of essence in the telecom industry, technology never stands still and it is a very high competitive environment; having faced that countless times during years of providing engineering services for the telecom industry. With a comprehensive portfolio of professional services, we are well positioned to assist you in building or expanding your network in minimal time.

Throughout the life cycle of a telecommunication network we can offer a wide range of professional services which can be customised according to your projects. From preparation, engineering to implementation. Our services provide capabilities in all disciplines of a network implementation project. The main benefit is that this provides a one-stop shop for engineering/management needs and speedy delivery, which will result in a quality network at lower costs and with less risk.

XYZ telecom engineering group offers:
- Design
- RF engineering
- In-building design
- Cell site capital planning for strategic applications
- Interconnect and facility planning, engineering, and implementation
- Switch engineering
- Cell site/switch site/tower audits
- 4G to 5G migration deployment
- Cell site design
- Rack Design, Work Packs and Low Level Design
- Statics
- Tower enhancement
- Line of Site engineering

XYZ is equipped to provide expert services to your telecommunications projects, whether they be greenfield, capacity, or coverage construction including project management of switch/cell site acquisition and development, engineering, procurement and contracts management.

Acquisition and Planning
XYZ provides all aspects of acquisition and planning from identifying suitable locations, negotiating with landlords and seeking planning approval to ensure the best possible site is sourced.

Site survey and Design
We ensure that site designs reflect the best interests of clients for build ability, quality, value and future network requirements in order to minimize through life costs. Every site drawing we produce is to a networks’ own respective design guides and incorporates a wide range of new build and upgrade site types, including rooftops, Greenfield, pylon and in-building.

In-building Solutions
We have  a wide range of experience in the design and installation of  Indoor Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) applications. The In-building team have comprehensive experience of providing solutions in airports, shopping centres, and Hotels.

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